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Open Course for Teachers by Savvy

The workshop for English instructors who would like to work with IT companies more efficiently.

Dealing with learners from technological and programming companies means that you have to adapt the standard methods and tools. This training is designed to make your teaching process smoother as well as more professional and efficient. The training model is similar to the Cambridge CELTA model with input sessions, lesson planning, and teaching practice modules.

The Format

This workshop consists of 4 basic stages: two face-2-face input sessions, preparing group lesson plans and self-learning and the observed teaching session.

Saturday: Input session 1 (5 hours)

  1. Learner’s profiles. Top challenges of teaching IT people.
  2. Slang and vocabulary.
  3. Selecting relevant customized materials.
  4. The venue and timing.
  5. Group dynamics.

Sunday: Planning your lessons. (Self-learning time) (3 hours)

Creating the lesson plan by the checklist

  1. Setting the goals for the group.
  2. Designing the stages.
  3. Putting together appropriate handouts.
  4. Estimating the time.
  5. Anticipating possible issues.

Weekdays: Observed practice. Feedback (2 hours) 

  1. Teaching practice:
    • Every workshop participant delivers a class (45 minutes) to a group of IT specialists;
    • Getting feedback from the course instructors.
  2. Peer-to-peer feedback between all the participants.

Saturday: Input session 2. (4 hours)

  1. The most common mistakes of teachers and how to avoid them.
  2. Retrospective of the taught classes.
  3. Soft skills training.
  4. Knowledge management and assessment.
  5. Future professional development and training.
  6. Self-reflection.


English teachers who:

  • Have the basic experience in training at least 2-3 groups (>4 ppl) of learners;
  • Eager to get a deeper understanding of the IT industry;
  • Open-minded and willing to get feedback on one’s teaching style;


By the end of the workshop the participants will have:

  • Understood the specifics of training IT-related professionals;
  • Planned and taught 1 or 2 educational sessions in groups of Sigma Software employees;
  • Gained feedback from both instructors and other participants;
  • Exchanged the experience with the colleagues;
  • Reviewed the most reliable sources of information and materials;
    • Received best practices from other teachers;
    • Observed and discussed classes of other teachers;
  • Handouts for every input session as well as lesson plan templates. 

The workshop is held in English.

Workshop dates: November 2, November 9.

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