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Stop complaining and start learning

“I know that there are mistakes in grammar, I know that I don’t have enough vocabulary, I know that I speak too slowly and can’t express all my genius ideas because of the language barrier. And all I can do about it is to suffer. Well, from time to time I start attending some classes, reading or watching something, find a tutor, but it’s not for a long time.”Does it sound familiar?

Let’s try to find out where all that comes from

To begin with If you think that now you will just see another set of “Stop complaining. You can do it!” I’m sorry to tell you that you won’t hear any such hollow motivational statements like that from me. But I’ll tell you the following thing: stop lying to yourself!

You have only two options:
1. You have reached an Advanced level of English yet, so you do not really need it.

2. You could set such unrealistic learning goals for yourself that in practice, you won’t ever actually start trying to reach them.

And now let’s talk in more detail

Point 1.

Seriously, how do you live now? In general, you are not that bad at work, and everybody understands you. So even if your English doesn’t get better, no one will die.

I’m sure you want to get better. But also you want to see friends, go to the movies or do some sports. And do you know what? It’s absolutely fine.

Point 2.

I have tried to start learning so many time, or I study now, but the results are totally different from the ones I’ve expected. So as a result, I do not feel happy with myself all the time about my progress.

Do you know what is going on with our self-preservation instinct? It tries to avoid these attempts. And even if you attend the classes regularly you will postpone your homework only because it looks scary. I will do my best and then I will be upset as I understand that I will never get to the leaving goals I set. And that’s why I decide to do nothing or do the bare minimum. And do you know what? It’s absolutely fine. 

The only step that will help you to escape this torture is to leave yourself alone! Let yourself live and feel happy. Only in this case may you start moving forward.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to move towards further development

  1. So we understood that we were OK and told ourselves that we would survive with the level of English that we have. Let’s start by being honest with yourself.
  2. Now we ask ourselves: do we really want to improve our level of knowledge? And again, let’s answer honestly. If the answer is “yes”, then you can move to point 3.
  3. And remembering that we are fine if we decide to move forward slowly (It doesn’t mean slowly – it means without a rush). I am fine, I move with the exact speed I need at the moment.
  4. Choose one of the ways of learning which is appropriate for you at the moment and combine them with each other:
    1. 3-month sprints of self-learning with a clear goal;
    2. a course of the group classes for communication skills improvement or long term edutainment;
    3. movies or series in English all the time.

Each of these ways has its own goals and peculiarities, and I’ll tell you about it in the next posts.

  1. And the most important thing: have fun and pay attention to minor success. 

And then you will do your best! I’ve checked many times.

I believe in you!

Anna Krasilnik

Savvy Head of Corporate English

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