Savvy collaborates with Europe - Savvy

Savvy collaborates with Europe

We’re a Ukrainian Learning and Development Service Company called Savvy. Our country is now being attacked by the Russian Federation and we are working even more intensively to support our citizens and economy. 

Since 2014 Savvy L&D Solutions has been building learning and development processes as well as language & Soft Skills assessments for local and international tech companies in Ukraine. And now we are looking for ways to reach the potential tech and IT companies, communities in Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, and Estonia. 

We are a team of skilled assessors, instructors, and trainers who can run language & Soft Skills assessments for your candidate or employee, help organize learning and development processes, reviews, personal development plans, and other HR products.

Everyday we strive to be helpful, sharing our knowledge and experience, and getting positive changes for tech teams. Thus we make our input in the worldwide human capital development. 

We have collected best practices in adult education to create a smooth learning experience: 

  1. An automated assessment system will help you build a clear picture of employees’ skills levels.
  2. Executive coaching will solve your A players’ business and personal challenges.
  3. 13 soft skills workshops will grow your managers’ leadership skills such as Negotiating, Resolving Conflicts, Leading 1-2-1s, Team Management, Cross-Cultural Communication, etc.
  4. Smart language classes and special courses will improve your employees’ efficiency. 

If you or your European friends need help with any of these services, please write a word to Alex Kovalenko or Viacheslav Rudnutsky, or let’s have a 15-minute call with Savvy CEO to discuss your needs and find the best solution for your team and company.