Sigma Software case study - Savvy

Sigma Software case study


Sigma Software has customers all over the world, so being able to communicate with a client in English is a requirement for promotion. When the company was small, it handled certification itself, but as it expanded, administrative problems arose that required a separate specialist to handle English certification only.

Initial Solution

  • we created a customised online test covering company-specific topics to assess English communication skills; 
  • we created a corporate policy and standards for a quick process.

Revamped Problem

Good English skills do not necessarily equate to good communication skills. Sigma management felt that their good engineers did not always have good cross-cultural communication skills. 

The structure of the company was such that these engineers had to talk more and more directly to customers, and so the company was losing both good relationships with customers and employees just because of communication skills.

Final Solution

  • a corporate university on topics such as: Conducting demo meetings, negotiation, argumentation, written communication;
  • individual coaching to improve soft skills;
  • training of internal trainers and the creation of a corporate university programme.

As a result 

Collaboration lasts for 7 years and Savvy has helped 300 employees to improve their English skills 💪 

Our methodology makes it possible to teach other languages as well, because we know how to incorporate the skills needed in IT into the daily learning process.

Customer feedback

“The Workshop of feedback was a great and useful experience. Feedback is one of the very important parts of any communication, and especially in business. Lack of it causes misunderstanding between people and inefficiency on projects. 
In the workshop, we have gotten several models of giving feedback and practiced them using  real cases. Such a practical part allows me to choose and use the right model in my everyday work.”
 – Liuka Lobareva
  Brand Manager at Sigma Software Group