Opinov8 case study - Savvy

Opinov8 case study


At Opinov8 employees didn’t adopt language-learning apps, but required English lessons.

Initial Solution

  • we offer all English courses for all employees of the company;
  • we organized a dashboard for the employees and HR to follow progress.

Revamped Problem

Employees were resistant to improving their soft skills and participation in such activities was very low, even though the need for improvement was obvious. 

In addition to that, during the pandemic, management felt the need to hold online “water cooler” meetings to maintain motivation and connections.

Final Solution

  • fully contextualised English lessons covering all required soft skills. There was little to no resistance to English lessons, and real-life case studies allowed us to cover all required topics;
  • as teams transitioned to remote working, we offered various learning activities, such as emotional intelligence webinars, talk clubs, and business writing discussions.

As a result 

Collaboration lasts for 2 years and we have helped 30 employees to improve their English skills 💪 

We operate on a monthly subscription basis, which allows us to customize the services we offer Opinov8 per request.

Customer feedback

“Savvy company has developed a customized, personalized package of services for us. And it’s the same in our approach to learning and development. We don’t prefer standard learning packages.
Savvy is flexible and customer-oriented. We have united our needs and the Savvy team’s knowledge.
Savvy has a fantastic tool base conducted in their services, professional-pedagogical approaches to adults learning, lectures, and training.
We wish Savvy successfully expand into the European market.”
– Oleksandra Prybytkova
L&D Manager at Opinov8