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Sigma Software & Apriorit case studies

Sigma Software

Initially Sigma Software had its internal teacher who spent a lot of time on assessment due to a large number of employees. The company also faced bias, as there were no clear criteria and standards for testing. Sigma Software wanted to spend less time on communication within the team and standardize the assessment.

Savvy created a customised online test covering company-specific topics to assess English skills. Sigma Software got the detailed testing results including scored skills, Email and Speaking reviews, and recommendations for the employees. It helped reduce working hours spent on assessment coordination since Sigma team just had to fill out a table with the name and mail of the employees. The testing results help determine the scope of the tasks, promotion, and further development of the employees.


Apriorit operates worldwide, so being able to communicate with clients in English in written and spoken forms is essential for potential candidates. Apriorit needed a clear, verified assessment of the English-speaking skills of its potential employees to understand whether these candidates were ready to take part in a job interview. 

Savvy created 2 online tests to check a candidate’s ability to go through an English job interview. A Short Candidate Test – a short print-screen that gives an overall English assessment and saves the team’s time (This test is mainly used for the developer’s positions). Long Candidate Test – gives detailed information about the level and soft skills of a potential candidate (This test is mainly used for such positions as Marketing Specialist, PM etc.).

After the testing process Apriorit got the detailed testing results including scored Speaking and Writing skills, and recommendations for the potential employees. These actions helped significantly reduce and optimize the working time of the recruiting team. Potential candidates also often don’t know their own English level and are grateful for the feedback they receive. It makes a good impression of the recruiting process, even if these candidates don’t start working for Apriorit.