Team Assessment - Savvy

Savvy offers a range of tests to check your team’s language and soft skills levels. We’ve created a web platform named B.E.S.T. to make smarter tests. All the content during the assessment is based on IT cases and actual work-related communication.


  • See all company statistics and quantify skills
  • Manage the quality of training to increase your service value
  • Get objective feedback for PPR meetings and individual plans
  • Automate the testing process to get the results faster
  1. Project Communication Test’s result shows core language competence in a business case where all the tasks describe the development of the same situation. Focused on daily used sub-skills.
  2. Language Competence Test checks deeper English level based on written and spoken communication skills. Shaped like IELTS or TOEFL but in the context of IT and business English.

Additionally, you may:

  • Savvy assessors can also create a customized test to measure skills or competences according to your grade matrix or employee profiles.
  • After choosing the test, get a link with a demonstration test
  • The assessment is semi-automated to double-check Writing and Speaking results
  • Savvy assessors will adapt the reporting and communication to your corporate standards
  • The duration of creating a unique new test might take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks
  • The assessment price will depend on the volume and results time
  • We accept cash and bank wires in UAH, EUR, or USD

Innovecs was looking for a company to check the level of business English skills of our recruitment team. We expected to assess argumentation, dealing with rejections and understanding of corporate values. Savvy helped us to achieve this goal and and test all the employees professionally. After this testing program our company got the detailed testing results including scored skills, interview recordings, email reviews and suggestions for the team. Savvy team does a great job in time and according to the request If you decide to have English assessment of your company, Savvy will provide you with high quality testing, effective communication and you’ll surely be satisfied with the results as much as we are.

Liudmila Markova
HR Operations Manager at Innovecs