Candidates Assessment - Savvy

Savvy offers a test to check your candidate’s ability to go through an English job interview. We’ve created a web platform named B.E.S.T. to run this simulator. All the content during the assessment is based on the procedure of a real job interview.


  • Get a detailed report for management and interviewers
  • Get Savvy assessor’s objective recommendations and risks description
  • Adapt the simulation to your company context and culture
  • Share valuable feedback to build stronger relationships with candidates
  • Savvy assessors have designed a deep simulation to check both language and business-related skills. This test will work in case a candidate is supposed to communicate with foreign customers regularly.
  • Recruiters could pick the most valuable points to check and create a shorter simulation. Such a test will work for tech teams without intensive communication with customers and foreign colleagues.
  • Savvy assessment team will be able to design tests specifically for your needs and criteria within a month.
  • Get a link with a demonstration test
  • The assessment is semi-automated to double-check Writing and Speaking results
  • Savvy assessors will adapt the reporting and communication to your corporate standards
  • Test adaptations could take up to two weeks
  • The assessment price will depend on the volume and results time (on average 15-20 USD)
  • We accept cash and bank wires in UAH, EUR, or USD