Savvy has created a management system for your personalized learning experience. It’s a 2-3-month self-learning English course. You can study remotely, choose a convenient schedule and meet your mentor weekly. (Savvy provides all learning materials and motivation tools.)


  • Receive a personalized plan made by experienced teachers
  • Manage the intensity of your education to achieve your own goals
  • Apply our motivational system to improve the performance
  • Get support from Savvy mentor and keep learning better
  • We will test your skills and check expectations at the first meeting.
  • You will get your personal SMART goals plan in Google doc 1 week after the meeting.
  • You will get weekly 15-min sync up to report your progress and clarify any questions.
  • We will check your motivation and help you stay on track during the course.
  • We will ping you and send you updates during the week.
  • You will take regular tests to feel the progress in your plan.
Explanation video

A few months ago, I saw a post on FB about Savvy Development Plans. The team was atomizing the process of education, and they gave me the contact to reach out to the tutor. This English Education program lasts 3 months and depends on your preferences and goals. I was lucky to work with Alexey Kovalenko and was very glad about this meeting. I hope you will be lucky with the mentor as I was. Even in the moments when you feel you are losing motivation (and it was my case, not once, not even twice) and you know it is a long way to Advanced - you will be guided and taken care of. The tutor will make your path in English education more interesting and filled with awareness.

Dasha Deryabina
Human Resource Manager at MLSDev

The Cultural Business Education Hub creates a vital platform for dialogue, democracy and collaboration together with Cultural & Creative Industries of Ukraine development. We are the designers of processes, facilitators of cross-cultural partnerships, contributing to the promotion of intellectual labor and the protection of copyright. So, we have a naturally born platform for practicing the social skills necessary for a healthy civil society. English is vital for such activities! With a rich vocabulary, a subtle language understanding, stringent cross-cultural characteristics. I have always sought to associate myself with the most talented and creative professionals in the business development field. One of these people is Mr. Alexey Kovalenko, brilliant English tutor, mentor, socially-oriented perfectionist. His professional expertise and exceptional achievements in the industry are a treasure to the country's business development. I am delighted to recommend him as one of the few genuinely irreplaceable visionaries in his profession.

Demyan Om Dyakov Slavitsky
Co-founder of Non-Govermental Organisation Cultural Business Education Hub, Chairman of the Board; TEDx liсensee; Co-founder of U Open University

I'm very happy that Alexey offered to help me to improve my english using the SDP approach. These are definitely ideal classes in our covid/post-covid world because it allows us to learn language in a suitable time and in suitable format. At the beginning of the month, the tutor prepares a general plan and objectives based on my requests. And then, we have a call with the tutor once a week at a suitable time for me and discuss current progress and tasks for next week. After two months, I see significant changes in my level of English. I'm feeling more confident in speaking. There are fewer problems with small talk with my British, American, and Indian colleges. I've improved my grammar, closed all gaps in the Intermediate level in a short time. Also, we've been actively working with my vocabulary, and I can say that I have good progress in that as well. This approach requires self-discipline and motivation from the learner, but believe me, it's worth it. If you want to improve your English level significantly, Savvy company is the best choice for you.

Sergey Karpenko
Software Development Director at Oracle Kharkiv

I’ve decided to work with Savvy due to a big amount of positive feedback from different IT companies and their employees. I like the approach which Savvy proposed for my goals, very similar to the coaching system. My SDP plan and homework were designed directly for my business goals and my requests. During that program, I closed all my goals! Right now I am enjoying the results! Thank you for your work, professionalism and desire to help me to achieve my goals!

Mykhailo Maryn
Project Manager at Yalantis