Writing Coaching - Savvy

Savvy has created an extremely effective way to boost writing skills in business-related context. Writing coaching is built upon the notion that you must satisfy the reader. It’s crucial to understand how to consider the reader’s perspective, persuade the reader of your ideas, and engage the reader’s attention, among other things.


  • Developed writing skills create strong relationships with customers
  • Authentic texts will impact your reputation and brand recognition abroad
  • Minimising the number of mistakes and misunderstandings, you boost productivity
  • Learners study cross-cultural differences through writing and text analysis

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Craft messages that are more persuasive, concise and clear
  • Recognize and target poor habits in their pre-existing writing
  • Understand the usefulness of syntax (word order) in writing
  • Utilize more attention grabbers / emotional cues in writing
  • Consider the perspective of the reader
  • Implement methodology to proofread messages
  • Identify mistakes in writing at a faster speed
  • Write with more confidence
  • Intro session to set up smart goals and build up expectations.
  • Sixteen weeks per module or flexible course based on the goals.
  • Weekly writing tasks with adjustable intensity and regular feedback.
  • Weekly 30 minute meetings with input, practice drills, and feedback analysis.
  • Self-reflection and language style analysis.
  • Cost USD 40-50 per week depending on the context / USD 720 per 16 weeks (module).