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3 tips for better writing

Earlier in our blog, we wrote about the 5 most common mistakes in business correspondence. 

Today you will read 3 tips from the #SavvyUA team to help make business communication more productive, practical, super ethical, and very clear.

Tip # 1: Set 2 goals per letter 

Start with what you want to get and what the person should do after an email.

I am writing to… The reason I am writing is… Could you…, please? I would appreciate it if…

Tip # 2: Stop being overly polite

It’s important to sound professional, so use only one polite word at a time in your request.  

What that looks like: 

  • Could you … today, please. 
  • Please …
  • I would appreciate it if… (when)

Tip # 3: Group a list of points 

First, send him all the documents he needs…We will do the first call together with you next week.Tell my secretary what time is appropriate to you and agree. 1. Send him all needed documents.
2. Check out what time next week is convenient for you to do the first call together.
3. Agree and approve your time with my secretary. 

Try to keep your points parallel. Structure the information so that it is easier for the recipient to read it and start all sentences with one part of speech, such as verbs. It will help to emphasize the structure and focus the reader’s attention on the action. 

And finally: please write the letters that you would like to receive!

Savvy peers!

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