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About us

Savvy is an L&D solutions company that improves Soft Skills and Business English for tech teams.

We help outsourcing and product companies increase value and provide impactful education services.

Savvy products

We have created solutions that improve Soft and language skills:

Soft skills workshops

Training sessions to improve people interactions and cross-cultural communication

Corporate English

English group and individual classes for your team in your office space and online

Writing Coaching

Individual coaching sessions to make emailing, reporting, and chatting more clear, polite and authentic

Team assessment

Tests to track language and business communication skills for performance review meetings and learning management

Candidates Assessment

Tests to get detailed reports and feedback before sending a candidate to an important interview with foreigner colleagues

Executive Coaching

A focused coaching session with our mentor and support system

Talk To Managers

Viacheslav Rudnytskyi

L&D solutions

Do you have any questions about building an effective HR process, skills evaluation methods, Soft Skills workshops or corporate English? Let's discuss them during

Alexey Kovalenko

Writing programs

Need an effective way to boost writing skills in a business-related context? Let's discuss your needs and find the best writing solution for your team or company during

Anna Krasilnik

Soft Skills Training

Do you want to improve Soft Skills of your staff and enhance communication in your company? Let‘s analyze the learning needs and find the most suitable program for you during

Anna Marushchak (2)

Corporate English

Are you planning to launch English classes in your company or looking for a specific program for one of your departments or teams? Let's discuss on the best approach to satisfy your needs during


Онлайн-івент для L&D спеціалістів, на якому ми перевіримо, наскільки ефективно побудовані освітні процеси у ваших компаніях. Всі приклади та вправи будуть в контексті технологічних компаній та IT.

Онлайн-івент для L&D спеціалістів, на якому ми розберемо приклад реальної технологічної компанії з комплексною освітньою програмою та запитом на аналітику.

Івент для L&D спеціалістів, на якому ми розберемо приклад з лідерською освітньою програмою для реальної технологічної компанії.