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Business Writing for IT specialists

Since 2015, we at Savvy have been creating courses for such companies as Grammarly, DataArt, Sigma Software, AMC Bridge, etc.

Learn to write clear and concise letters to customers and clients, become the most desired team member, and start influencing your performance review today!

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We are Savvy L&D Solutions, a company of over 50 instructors from Ukraine who have been creating educational programs and courses for technical teams since 2015.

We invite you to join our video course, which have been perfecting for the past 5 years in the form of offline trainings for top Ukrainian IT companies.

This course aims to improve your written communication with colleagues, customers, and potential partners, with the help of 10 video lessons in 6 interactive modules and personal feedback from Savvy team trainers. logo logo
This course will be useful for:
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analitycs
  • Marketologists
  • HR Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Recruiters
  • QA specialists
What is this course about?

This first self-paced video course combines business correspondence and easy written communication and helps correct your style mistakes. logo
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Module 1
The goals of business writing

This unit is about one of the most important things – how to write a letter and get the desired result.

You will:

  • learn to write in a way that will help you be understood best, and so that readers will easily get the main points of your letter
  • learn more linguistic constructions that will help you get results
  • see how to improve your message by setting the right goals
15-30 minutes
an interactive tutorial, two video lessons
Module 2
Business letter structure and vocabulary

Here you will learn about the simple structure of the letter that will suit 80% of your emails and messages.

You will:

  • learn to write any message compactly and informatively
  • learn about the most important stages of letter writing and get a list of some of the most important words
  • see real life examples of how the letter structure can boost its effectiveness see real life examples of how well-designed letter structure can boost effectiveness
15-30 minutes
an interactive tutorial, two video lessons
For Pro:
personal feedback to your letter
Module 3
Informal VS formal styles

This unit will provide a basic understanding of the difference between informal and formal styles.

You will:

  • learn to distinguish different shades of styles
  • see which style is better for you
  • see what informal and formal letters typically consist of, and how to best use elements of each to improve your style.
20-40 minutes
an interactive tutorial, three video lessons
For Pro:
personal feedback to your letter
Module 4
Crosscultural aspects of business writing

You will understand what culture is in communication and how to communicate with representatives of different cultures.

You will:

  • learn to adapt to the styles of different cultures
  • learn at least 2 tools that will help convey your opinion to anyone
  • see examples of letters coming from different cultural backgrounds, as well as corresponding checklists that will help you adapt to them
20-40 minutes
interactive tutorial, three video lessons
For Pro:
a video lesson with examples of style adaptation to different cultures
personal feedback to your letter
Module 5
Mistakes in IT emailing

This unit will help you eliminate 20 of the most common mistakes in correspondence (both grammatical and stylistic).

You will:

  • learn to avoid these mistakes
  • learn about how to be more aware of errors and how best to correct them
  • see how semantic errors affect your style
15-30 minutes
interactive tutorial, two video lessons
Module 6
Boosting your correspondence style

The unit will help consolidate all the skills you have acquired during the course.

You will:

  • learn to automatically apply the basic principles of correspondence
  • learn how to write a letter faster thanks to the Savvy Writing Guide
  • see how simple tips from the course help in the most difficult situations
20-40 minutes
interactive tutorial, two video lessons
For Pro:
personal feedback to your letter
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10 video classes to study whenever you have free time
4 individual pieces of feedback to your work from our curator
Intermediate level would be enough to complete the course
Students from these companies have already completed the course:
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We were looking for a company that would provide training on Business Emailing for our employees, taking into account the specifics of the AMC Bridge work. The training with Alexey consisted of 6 sessions. Those included theoretical and practical parts. The training process was dynamic and built on real IT-cases. It allowed the participants to spend a minimum amount of time to achieve a visible result.
Kseniya Zarubina
HR Specialist
We are glad to have made our acquaintance with Savvy! For their fun and interactive lessons, communicative approach, variety of topics and lexics, and the individual help when it is required. Their work makes our corporate English lessons emotionally bright and productive. We choose Savvy not just for English lessons but for diving into our specifics. Besides, you won\'t get a chance to sit quietly at the corner while being in a group. They will involve you and they will attract you until you speak! That’s guaranteed! :)
Thank you for helping us get better!
Yuliia Nikolaeva
Great customer service is extremely important to each business. Here in "Murka" we are constantly working on exceeding the expectations of our players by providing the best customer support.
"Savvy" helped our support team improve our correspondence and conflicts resolution skills. Alexey thoroughly analyzed different requests the support agents process on a daily basis and checked the responses given and the types of our clients. As a result, he prepared the workshop tailored to our specific needs, full of useful information and practice. From the first second, Alexey captured the attention of each employee in the group and kept it till the end of the workshop.
Boring classes with the lecturer speaking and the snoring being heard in the room? Forget about it with Savvy!
Mariya Sherbakova
Head of Support, Murka
I’m thankful to Alexey for the course. He created it for our needs. Our team got common principles to develop technical writing skillsm, valuable feedback from the teacher, teamwork experience of improving texts, review practice of good and bad examples, grammar and style corrections.
The course is very well structured. Lessons have enough repetitions of important items to build up a skill. Alexey made every lesson so interesting and productive, that I didn’t notice how quickly 90 minutes flied.
It was great to see how we improve our technical documentation with every lesson. Learning started to bring results immediately. Do your homework to make better progress.
If you’re an experienced technical writer, then the course is not for you. But if your engineering team needs to upgrade technical writing skills and share the documentation ownership, then I highly recommend it.
Alexey Chernysh
Co-founder of Ardas Group
Course curator

Alexey Kovalenko is the author of the course and a qualified English teacher. He has extensive experience working in the IT sector: Alexey has been creating and conducting educational courses mainly for technological companies in Ukraine for over 5 years.

Alexey is the English language instructor and methodologist, Head of the R&D department, Savvy educational project coordinator, business correspondence coach, and developer of 6 courses for IT specialists.

Feedback on the curator’s work:

We have been working with Alexey for more than five years, and we can confidently say that learning English with the Savvy team’s help guarantees visible results in the near future.

Yulia Nikolaeva

  • 6 interactive units
  • 10 video lessons
  • a practical style guide with all the materials and new words for everyday writing.
The completion certificate Business Writing Basic in IT
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  • has all the benefits of Basic Package and
  • 4 personal feedback reviews
  • a cross-cultural video guide that will help adapt to different styles
The completion certificate Business Writing Pro in IT
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Start writing your business correspondence faster and more efficiently!
Frequently asked questions
What is the course format and duration?
This is a self-paced course.
You will get access to the video classes, so you will be able to study
at a time convenient for you.

The course is designed for 4 weeks.
How do you check the homework?
Basic Plan:

Your tasks will be checked automatically.

PRO Plan:

Three Savvy team trainers will check your homework on a regular basis.
You will receive detailed feedback to your tasks by mail. In addition to feedback, you will receive recommendations on how to improve your letters.

You will receive from 4 pieces of feedback to your letters
What will I get after the course?
After the course you will:
- learn to set goals for the standart business letter
- write in a structured and clear manner
- improve your business writing style
- master the basic principles of crosscultural communication
- learn how to report bad updates correctly
- recognize the most common mistakes and learn to correct them
For how long I would have an access to my classes?
You will have an access to the course for 2 years. Also, within 6 months after buying the course, you can receive feedback on your letters (only for PRO plan).
How can I pay?
You can send the payment to the card or send the funds on the settlement account.