About us - Savvy

Savvy runs soft skills and language training for tech companies. We are a team of over 50+ instructors in major Ukrainian cities. The company was originally an English classes provider and later evolved into skill-focused training because of the growing complexity of the educational request from our partners.

Savvy comes from Dnipro and we love it unconditionally. At the same time, we have active training operations in the biggest cities around the country including a full-scale training office in Kyiv.

We work on both training sessions and creating our own testing and assessment system (BEST) as well as self-learning support tools (SDP). One day learners all over the world will get savvier using our solutions.

Savvy regularly organizes unconferences (3PM UnCon) to bring English events to Ukraine and create the culture of peer-to-peer collaboration in the IT community. We also share our knowledge and experience at conferences and open workshops.

We develop the smart way of learning to
get positive changes for tech teams


Be open and true to yourself and others, your opinion does matter


Keep on working mindfully to embrace coming changes


Welcome the differences, learning from others


Look for reliable approaches and be ready to justify your positon


Begin with the purpose and remember Y you are doing this

Savvy methods of education

The most effective way to deal with a request is to pick to appropriate approach or toolset. We have collected best practices in adult education to create smooth learning experience


Cambridge CELTA-approve approach
Eclectic approach
Interactive learning and gamification

OnLine Learning

Interactive Zoom sessions
Engaging and captivating formats
Team bonding for remote projects


Supporting strategic planning
Mentoring education / HR team
Helping to integrate changes


Setting goals with key employees
Recommending the tools and sources
Monitoring the progress and results


Creating awareness of the learning process
Using thought-provoking topics and questions
Maximizing personal and professional potential


Skills and competences based learning
Role playing and simulators
Case studies