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Savvy has been hosting events and managing communities around Ukraine since 2015.

We always strive to grow & develop, meet & communicate, share our knowledge & experience, and implement L&D solutions together with our colleagues!

Events & Communities

L&D community

Savvy initiated a community for 50 professional L&D managers
from tech companies to help them manage L&D reputation
and trendsetting, to share experiences, learn about best
practices, and empower industry networking relationships.


Savvy holds open events to help IT professionals
practice real-life cases and boost their practical
understanding of variable soft skills such as Emailing,
Feedback, Negotiations, etc.

3PM Unconference

Savvy has organized 11 participant-centered unconferences.
Such events help open-minded, English-speaking Engineers,
Managers, and Designers discuss their own cases
to get professional insights.


We launched Savvy with a Savvyday conference
in 2015. One day English/Russian conference about
skills improvement and development. Two languages
and two streams, 5 keynote speakers, 3 workshops, 100 people.

3 ways to collaborate

For event managers

                                     •   We can tell our audience about your event
                                     using our social media accounts.

                                     •  We can prepare a speech or a discussion
                                     panel about soft skills and learning at your event.

For media representatives

•  We are always ready to give  expert advice on
L&D solutions, language learning approaches,
practical and ultra-modern tools, and help you create
new material for your media.

For potential partners & communities

•  We believe the best communities result from collaborative
and productive partnership between savvy people, strong organizations and professionals they choose to work with.

•  We offer to Savvy partners the system of bonuses for our products that will bring value and systematic knowledge to your community members.


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If you need a speaker for your event, or you’re interested in media cooperation, contact our PR & Marketing Manager:


Margo Podlesnaya

PR & Marketing Manager

Inspire people & companies to be great.