Clients - Savvy

We've been working with Alexey for over 5 years now, so we can say with confidence: learning English with Savvy guarantees you results. We appreciate Savvy team for useful and interesting classes and we would like to wish the team success and keep working together.

Yuliia Nikolaeva

We've been working with Alexey for over 5 years now, so we can say with confidence: learning English with Savvy guarantees you results. We appreciate Savvy team for useful and interesting classes and we would like to wish the team success and keep working together.

Tatyana Shchihol
COO at Murka.

Innovecs was looking for a company to check the level of business English skills of our recruitment team. We expected to assess argumentation, dealing with rejections and understanding of corporate values. Savvy helped us to achieve this goal and and test all the employees professionally. After this testing program our company got the detailed testing results including scored skills, interview recordings, email reviews and suggestions for the team. Savvy team does a great job in time and according to the request If you decide to have English assessment of your company, Savvy will provide you with high quality testing, effective communication and you’ll surely be satisfied with the results as much as we are.

Liudmila Markova
HR Operations Manager at Innovecs

I coworking hub team held a couple of mentor sessions on Public Speaking, effective communication with Viacheslav Rudnytskyi. The working language was English. What we appreciate the most is Viacheslav’s approach. We learned new info and studied it in some real scenarios. We took specific and relevant topics and tried to work with them. It is important to point out, that Viacheslav can modulate the lesson in such a way that every participant will take part and speak. He knows which questions to ask. Our students also remember the friendly atmosphere. We’ve been studying a lot, discussing and laughing a lot too. We consider this specific approach as the beginning of a strong, reliable and friendly team.

Inna Kuzmenko
Curator at I coworking hub.

Viacheslav Rudnytskyi is a professional consultant and a person who it is a big pleasure to work with, and this interaction surely pays off. My next question is for HRs mostly: Have you ever faced with the situation where retention manager needs his or her own one? At some particular moment Viacheslav became exactly that unique person to me. And i consider this significant factor to be the best confirmation of the professionalism and experience of the whole Savvy team! It is important to point out that while working with Savvy, our company had succeeded in HR functions systematization process, we had chosen a priority vector for our department development, thought out and implemented a system of individual development plans for our employees. Also, we had organized an internal training on effective communication with customers for our developers and PMs, we had conducted a series of master classes on soft skills, including EQ for HR teams. We would like to thank Savvy for our cooperation one more time.

Yana Zavhorodnia
HR Lead at Yalantis

Our company has collaborated with Savvy inc since the year of 2015, as plenty of our offices are located worldwide and the language of communication between the units is mainly English so it is crucial for us to find a reliable English teaching company for our inner company English studies. Incredible results have been achieved thanks to the well trained staff and the communicative approach they use while teaching our employees.

Konstantin Foksha
CEO of WorkRocks

We started to work with Savvy last year and we are satisfied with their cooperation. Some special features are the fascinating program and inspiring lessons with professional teachers that are pretty awesome to work with. A unique approach to the learning process and to every student in particular, creates a friendly atmosphere and promotes the assimilation of the knowledge and their application in the future. Our team not only has grammar and speaking skills but refined communication and negotiation skills, it has broadened our outlook. Savvy is an excellent experience for greatly improving your English.

Eugene Vyborov
CEO of Webinerds

While being an effective teacher Viacheslav has been successfully sharing his experience with his assistants. It is such a big pleasure for us to work together with this team of highly qualified and professional tutors like Yana Labunska, Artem Usik, Alexey Kovalenko and Marharyta Podliesnaia. Together Savvy and Level Up are launching courses of English language for IT. Our company cares about our students and the quality of their results and achievements. In this case, Savvy team is always the best. I am deeply thankful to Viacheslav and his team for their cooperation.

Sergey Shegeda
Director at Level up

We have chosen Savvy taking into account different feedback. There are students with different levels of English knowledge in our company so we needed a program to match all of them. Savvy teachers provide us with useful and interesting information and entertaining classes. We always learn something new at class. And especially we enjoy topics which might be useful both for business and everyday life. There are no complaints about quality, all the colleagues give only positive feedback about Savvy teachers’ performance. They always find topics to discuss. Also, the teachers explain everything really simple and if we have any questions they always help to get all the material. The methodology differs from most of the programmes, cause you don’t have to learn by heart to remember the information. Teachers just show you the way how and what you need to learn. To all the future Savvy students we just want to tell not to miss classes and try to get as much as it possible during the class. Thank you and may your company be more prosperous.

Olga Chenko
Office Manager at Archer

Our main request is development of our colleagues with unusual approach. And also teacher’s attention to every student is important. Classes with Savvy are creative approach to the education. The teacher knows for sure which topic to discuss combining it with grammar in a smart way. It is definitely a revolutionary approach to the education. You get now only skills and English practice but huge amount of new information. To future clients: forget about ordinary approaches and piles of books, start thinking Savvy.

Boris Kushch
Delivery Director at Manufactura