Corporate English - Savvy

Savvy runs a range of corporate group and individual language classes in the tech-related context. Savvy’s course is an extensive personalized learning program designed to improve your team’s General, Business, or Tech English. You can be sure your language is well-understood as we have been working with 50+ IT companies across Ukraine.


  • Smart classes help learners improve people skills to increase company capitalization
  • Your employees get loyal while receiving high-quality education
  • Teams learn each other better and gain trust which improves teamwork
  • Students study cross-cultural differences and develop tolerance

How do we achieve this?

  • The teachers will learn the culture and adapt the course to the company needs
  • Savvy teachers use the principles of neuroscience to make learning effective
  • Coaching and facilitation techniques used at the lessons improve essential people skills

Savvy provides reports of progress tests, attendance, feedback, and quality control.
Here are four sample course plans before the adaptations and integrating the team’s expectations.

Additionally, you may:

  • outsource all administrative tasks to our manager
  • get our help in optimizing your learning process
    create a smart company policy
  • 60-90 minute classes are based on cases of both general and IT contexts.
  • Groups of 6-8 learners will be getting handouts.
  • A single plan with all lesson goals, materials, vocabulary and home assignments.
  • The cost will depend on the level of required adaptations, time, place, and teacher.
  • The price is about USD 40 for a 60-minute group lesson.
  • We accept cash and bank wires in UAH, EUR, or USD.

Together with Savvy, we have entirely redesigned our English corporate training. I divide almost 3 years of office work into "before" and "together with Savvy" 🙂 For me, Savvy's most significant advantage is their desire to make cool and effective products and their flexibility and desire to listen to the client. When other schools just sent me a list of standard courses, Anna Krasilnik dove deeply into details of our need, goals, employees wishes. As a result, we tested everyone's English, developed a motivational program for employees, and launched more than 10 intensive courses of 4-3 lessons per week with local teachers and native speakers, an individual course for leads, focused on working out the topics we need and speaking practice. Later we also started a conversation club for those who only need to maintain their ESL level. Interaction with Savvy during the learning process deserves a separate mention! It is easy to convey feedback and quickly change something in the process. We have complete reports on attendance, progress, test results every 3 months. And there are also positive reviews from the guys who continue to study English 3-4 times a week after more than six months.

Galina Marchuk
Chief People Officer at YouScan

Our main request is development of our colleagues with unusual approach. And also teacher’s attention to every student is important. Classes with Savvy are creative approach to the education. The teacher knows for sure which topic to discuss combining it with grammar in a smart way. It is definitely a revolutionary approach to the education. You get now only skills and English practice but huge amount of new information. To future clients: forget about ordinary approaches and piles of books, start thinking Savvy.

Boris Kushch
Delivery Director at Manufactura

We've been working with Alexey for over 5 years now, so we can say with confidence: learning English with Savvy guarantees you results. We appreciate Savvy team for useful and interesting classes and we would like to wish the team success and keep working together.

Tatyana Shchihol
COO at Murka.

We started to work with Savvy last year and we are satisfied with their cooperation. Some special features are the fascinating program and inspiring lessons with professional teachers that are pretty awesome to work with. A unique approach to the learning process and to every student in particular, creates a friendly atmosphere and promotes the assimilation of the knowledge and their application in the future. Our team not only has grammar and speaking skills but refined communication and negotiation skills, it has broadened our outlook. Savvy is an excellent experience for greatly improving your English.

Eugene Vyborov
CEO of Webinerds

We have chosen Savvy taking into account different feedback. There are students with different levels of English knowledge in our company so we needed a program to match all of them. Savvy teachers provide us with useful and interesting information and entertaining classes. We always learn something new at class. And especially we enjoy topics which might be useful both for business and everyday life. There are no complaints about quality, all the colleagues give only positive feedback about Savvy teachers’ performance. They always find topics to discuss. Also, the teachers explain everything really simple and if we have any questions they always help to get all the material. The methodology differs from most of the programmes, cause you don’t have to learn by heart to remember the information. Teachers just show you the way how and what you need to learn. To all the future Savvy students we just want to tell not to miss classes and try to get as much as it possible during the class. Thank you and may your company be more prosperous.

Olga Chenko
Office Manager at Archer